The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced that one of the additional parklets in the 2014 Pilot Parklet Program will be at Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse (2818 E. Madison St.) in Madison Valley.

This brings the total for the pilot program extension to 13 new installations, including one previously approved for Bottlehouse (1416 34th Ave.) and Hi Spot Café (1410 34th Ave) in Madrona.

The parklet hosts will work with SDOT over the next several months to design, permit and construct their parklets with the goal of opening this summer.

Parklets convert a small number of on-street parking spaces to public space. After selecting 10 of 14 parklet applications in late March, SDOT received additional information and statements of community support for the applications that initially were not chosen for the program. Staff met with applicants to reconsider their parklet proposals and determined that the newly presented ideas for their parklets would be good candidates for the program.

Expanding the Pilot Parklet Program to 13 parklets provides SDOT with additional opportunities to evaluate parklets in neighborhoods throughout the city before making a recommendation on a permanent program later this year.

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