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  • Revisiting the Park: Chores and fun revisited
    A day in the life at the Lehman household is predictable.
  • "People of varying views about this development all agree that it is significant for our area."
  • Editorial: Farewell, and thanks for all the memories
    One year and two months ago, I took a job editing two monthly newspapers. The Madison Park Times was the newspaper that made me nervous. 
  • While the city of Seattle indeed is growing up with a record increase in jobs, housing, and population (now over 700,000 and leading the nation in residential growth, according to a recent Seattle Times story), Kolko communicates a false notion that somehow we here in the Northwest have overcome sprawl and its trappings (longer commutes, automobile-dependency, and increased carbon emissions). Nothing could be further from the truth. 
  • This month we remember the Cafe Racer shooting, five years (and so many other needless tragedies) later.
  • Guest Editorial: The Madison mess
    For a while now, those of us working with Save Madison Valley have warned that if the proposed development for the City People’s site is allowed to proceed as currently planned it could turn Madison into quite a mess. 
  • In April, Bertha, the world’s largest boring machine, finally broke through just west of Aurora, completing a 1.7-mile underground journey. However, the tunnel itself won’t be finished until 2019 -- four years from its original 2015 completion date.  
  • Revisiting the Park: Making bread (and losing it) on the old delivery route
    The mid-20th Century  was a time for a new business enterprise to start up with little or no overhead, tax free.  It was a green company with few requirements--perhaps a 1927 Issue 45 Cal—it was a cash removal company called a Holdup!
  • Outside City Hall: The bullies Nextdoor
    Nextdoor is an online bulletin board where residents may post anything about their neighborhood:  lost cats and dogs, things they’re giving away or selling, upcoming events — or perhaps a post about criminal activity or something else amiss in their community.
  • A City on a Hill: Je t'aime, Seattle!
    The French have decided they love Seattle, and not just our pastoral fish-throwin’ and whale-watchin’ tourist draws. They love our arts scene.
  • Revisiting the Park: The art of the dance
    We — the almost-legal-agers — often met in one of the three taverns in Madison Park after a hard day’s work.
  • Our once quaint little fishing village, so used to being treated as America's "forgotten corner," has suddenly become the epicenter for defense of American freedom and democracy; the champion of an all-fronts war to pull this nation back from insanity, and forward into a better future.
  • I wholeheartedly support the decision to divest from Wells Fargo by the city council! 
  • Where is global warming when we need it? I do look forward to the first day of spring, balmy weather, and flowers in bloom.
  • This screwed up “world-class city” (or is it “no-class city?”) was lovely and accessible when I enrolled in the University of Washington School of Art in 1949.
  • LETTER: 100 Women Who Care thank neighbors in Madison Park
    On Feb. 1, 100 Women Who Care Greater Seattle met at Pyramid Alehouse and chose the Pink Daisy Project to receive our donation. With Madison Park neighbors' participation, it was our largest donation to date, $4,500. What a fun evening!
  • Over the next year, every Seattle neighborhood, already reeling from the impacts of runaway growth under current zoning, will be asked to accept upzones and still more density. 
  • CARTOON: The end of the rainbow
    Milt Priggee is an award-winning syndicated cartoonist. His work can be found at miltpriggee.com.
  • Why are ST3 voters surprised about their car tabs?
     Voters approved ST3 in November. But you wouldn't know it from the deluge of complaints from vehicle owners, now that they've been mailed their first post-ST3  car tab fees.
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