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  • Every year, taxpayers in Seattle pay for millions of dollars of emergency medical care for people who have been shot. It’s time for the gun industry to chip in to help defray these costs.

  • After an overturned fish truck on state Route 99 caused a nine-hour citywide traffic jam last March, Mayor Ed Murray and other city officials adamantly defended the city’s slow response. The national experts, whom Murray commissioned to study the incident response, came up with a different conclusion. 
  • The city certainly got itself into a mess when it instituted its ordinance requiring Seattle Public Utilities customers to separate their compost from their garbage. 
  • GUEST COLUMN | We get faster service on No. 11, and then it goes away

    The good news is that we will get 15-minute service on Metro Transit’s No. 11 East Madison Street bus this September due to Proposition 1 funding. The bad news is that there is currently a proposal floating around that would remove the No. 11 from Madison.

  • This week, the Seattle City Council’s Education and Governance Committee will hear two gun bills proposed by Council president Tim Burgess, who chairs the committee. 
  • Last week, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his selection of three potential sites for city-sanctioned homeless encampments. 
  • Forget San Francisco — Seattle is eyeing to become New York City. But just a more aesthetically pleasing version. 
  • REVISITING THE PARK | Jobs swinging the way of the pendulum

    Between jobs, I bartended at the Red Onion Tavern and The Attic in the ‘70s, which were popular options in Madison Park for the after-work bunch. The various groups always brightened the day with humor and laughter. 

  • Soon, Mayor Ed Murray’s Housing Affordability and Livability Advisory (HALA) Committee will issue its oft-delayed recommendations on how to “chart a course for the next 10 years to ensure the development and preservation of a diversity of housing for people across the income spectrum” in Seattle. 

  • There are things that seem so physical, like smoke, you try to grab it, only to see it seep through your fingers. 
  • It’s ironic yet telling when members of rival black gangs march against violence against African Americans at the hands of police and others. 
  • While Washington has been consumed by debating the ins and outs of marijuana use in recent years, use of another darker drug has been on the rise. 
  • Seattle can’t be everything to everyone, as many who can’t afford to live in the city are quickly learning. But that hasn’t stopped the city from considering whether to be one of the few U.S. municipalities to have a broadband utility.

  • Some people may relish the idea of turning the tables on police officers, especially after getting cited for traffic or parking violations. But some of them have taken it a little too far, filing petty complaints to the Office of Professional Accountability for “coercive horn-honking” to, apparently, aggressive mustaches. 
  • Recently, Mayor Ed Murray decided to ban smoking in public parks. While the ban is for a good cause and will make parks an even safer and healthier place, it seems like the city and even parks department have bigger fish to fry. 
  • Mayor Ed Murray, a former state legislator who represented Seattle’s 43rd District since October 1995, has left the slow pace of Olympia’s Capitol far behind and is remaking Seattle to his utopic vision as quickly as he can.

  • REVISITING THE PARK | The wonders of modern medicine
    Some will remember having tonsils and adenoids taken out in the olden days. “All the ice cream you can eat,” our parents promised. Who wouldn’t sign up for that? 
  • If you don’t remember voting for him...well, you didn’t. 
  • GUEST COLUMN | The truth about the Seattle Preschool Program

    The recent column “But It’s for the Kids,” by Geov Parrish, is rife with inaccuracies and misleading statements about the content and intent of the Seattle Preschool Program.

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