At the next Leschi Community Council meeting on Wednesday, April 2, Andrea Brenneke, director of Restorative Justice for the City of Seattle, will share information about a proposed Community Restorative Justice Pilot Project in the East Precinct that should provide restorative alternatives to crime and conflict. There will be a hands-on demonstration of a semi-simulated Restorative Circle. 

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Central Area Senior Center (500 30th Ave. S.).

To mark Earth Day, Leschi will coordinate its stairway cleanup with the citywide effort sponsored by Feet First, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and the City of Seattle, in conjunction with “Seattle Stairway Walks” guidebook authors Jake and Cathy Jaramillo. 

The Stairway Spring Cleaning Day will take place April 26, from 10 a.m. to noon, at the King Street stairway, from 30th Avenue South (by the Central Area Senior Center), down to 31st Avenue.

— Diane Snell, co-president 

Madison Park

The Madison Park Community Council continues its efforts to encourage homeowners in Madison Park, Washington Park, Canterbury and Denny-Blaine to repair sidewalks. Many homeowners who haven’t done so already can make simple repairs by adding an asphalt or concrete wedge to bridge where one panel has risen and a toe-catching rise is present. Eighty-one homeowners have sidewalks in need of major repair. Personal letters have been sent, asking them to make necessary repairs; we hope they will honor the request.

The city has announced that the request to create a part of the citywide greenway — making improvements from East Madison to Garfield streets — has almost reached final approval. Hats off to Bob Edmiston for his work in bringing this about.

HomeStreet Bank has been exceedingly cooperative in working with us to make sure that signage for its new Madison Park branch, which will open soon, is consistent with the village aesthetic of the business district. We owe a big thanks to HomeStreet for beginning its residency with such an open attitude. They may announce news about other features of the branch that will benefit our community.

The council is waiting to learn about whether the $90,000 grant request to the city has been granted to plan the redesign of the East Madison/McGilvra Boulevard East/East Garfield intersection. This is a priority item for the council. Even with the changes that have already been made, the present configuration is still a threat to pedestrians, particularly children, drivers and bicyclists. 

One disappointment that the council must share is its failure to conclude an agreement with Seattle Parks and Recreation to hold various classes in the Madison Park Bathhouse. Parks has proposed that it run the programs and that the council is responsible for guaranteeing the financial success of the programs, even though it has effectively complete control of them. 

Last, the council continues to develop a plan to improve public safety in the neighborhoods. The committee, chaired by Bob Steedman and Shane Skinner, has been working with the Seattle Police Department and private security companies to propose a plan to our communities.

The council’s annual meeting will take place in May. We are looking for new board members; our efforts can only continue with your help. If you are interested, contact me at MPCC.Gene@gmail.com.

— Gene Brandzel, president

Madison Valley

The Madison Valley Community Council has postponed its Spring Clean event due to lack of participation. The Bush School is interested in participating, possibly closer to summer. 

The design firm for the Triangle Restoration Project should have a plan by the end of March.

The sixth-grade volunteers from The Bush School are back for a five-week session to clear out ivy in the Harrison Greenbelt. 

Also, a parks department representative is concerned about the water seepage from the greenbelt onto 32nd Avenue East. Crews dug a trench at the foot of the planting area next to the sidewalk and filled it with rock. A coir barrier will be set to keep the chips from creeping onto the sidewalk. Additionally, Parks cleared the sidewalk to the north of the site so the sidewalk can be used. 

The gates to the FAME Community Center playground are closed to the public during preschool sessions of preschool on the north side. The East Harrison Street gate is always open even during school sessions. Neighbors are encouraged to use the playground. 

In addition to the Spring Clean and Bastille Bash, a new farmers market is being planned in the business district. New eateries include Sweet Potato Pies from Soul Food, and a vegan restaurant is going into the former Rover’s site. 

The council is seeking a volunteer to serve on the East District Council to help facilitate funding for neighborhood projects.

The Bastille Bash will take place July 12. Volunteers and publicity are being organized. An event coordinator has been hired from the charitable Detlef Schrempf Foundation.

The council also is considering organizing a new Sip & Dine event, as well as whether it should meet monthly or quarterly.

— Cathy Nunnelly, secretary