Michael Michel

Michael Michel

Michael Westlake Michel, 42, of Everett was found dead on July 11 in his parked truck in the East Lee Street road end, just past 42nd Avenue East, in Madison Park.

According to the Madison Park Blogger (www.madisonparkblogger.com), police had been called to investigate a report of a man lying in the back seat of his truck. 

The truck had apparently been there since July 1, parked next to a major sewer-pumping station, with the passenger-side window partially open.

It is not known why Michel was in Madison Park or how he came to be in the back seat.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has state that Michel’s death doesn’t appear to be a homicide, but results of toxicology tests won’t be available until September.

Flower bouquets and a toy fire engine have since been placed near where Michel, a Woodinville firefighter, was found.

Michel’s mother, Sharon Sievers, is seeking information about his death. She requests that anyone with information contact her at ssievers1190@gmail.com.

Sievers wrote the Madison Park Blogger, saying, “My thinking is that he was there [in Madison Park] because he loved the beauty of the neighborhood, the area, the lake and all that it surrounded. He loved nature and all that it possessed.”

A memorial service for Michel took place on Thursday, July 28, in Everett.