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  • As many of us know well, the chances of developing hearing loss increase significantly as we get older, particularly as we move into our later years. 
  • As we age, we make adaptations, both consciously and unconsciously, for new and developing limitations.
  • Physical therapy can help you resolve your biomechanical problems so that you can return to yoga happier, healthier, and with more body awareness in your practice.
  • The real story behind heartburn
    Acid reflux and its chronic condition, gastroesophageal reflux disease (usually shortened to GERD), are so common it’s estimated that 20 to 30 percent of people experience it weekly and about 7 million people in the United States experience it chronically.
  • Healthy and Active: So you've been discharged from physical therapy
    Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves in physical therapy to address some type of injury or medical condition. 
  • Healthy and Active: Get a leg up on runners' injuries
    The weather has shifted, signaling one of our favorite seasons at MoveMend: running season!
  • Long-distance issues with aging parents are never easy. For most, frequent travel is not an option. For Bill, who is working full time and has two young teens and aging in-laws living with him, it would be difficult.
  • Are the longer Spring days getting you back on the Madison Park tennis court or into your garden?
  • Aging With Care: Traveling tips for seniors
    In our younger days, we never thought twice about heading out on an adventure. As we age, we now think twice, or maybe even three times, before committing to trips away from home.
  • Antidotes to aging
    A recent experience reminded me how vital pets are; especially to those of us who are aging. When we get up there in years, our children are long gone and we may no longer have the relationships we gained from our jobs.
  • Back pain defined
    Back pain is troubling and often mysterious, showing up without any traumatic incident. Fortunately, most back pain is not serious and can heal without injections or surgery.
  • Vitality is a participation sport
    Possessing vitality and feeling well are participation sports.
  • Preparing to run in the cold
    The benefits of running include stronger muscles and bones and a lower risk of cancer. But if running on a treadmill isn’t your cup of tea then you need to be prepared to brave the cold. 
  • What your gynecologist wishes you would do
    No matter a woman’s age or how comfortable she is with her gynecologist, she may still be unsure about a few things — like which symptoms are worth mentioning, how often to make an appointment and how to prepare for an exam.
  • Providing full time care for a parent or aging loved-one within your home is an option. If you are considering this undertaking or are currently providing elder care in your home, it’s not my intention to discourage you. I want you to be mindful.
  • Don't shrug off shoulder pain
    Do you have a twinge of shoulder pain when you roll over at night or reach overhead to put on a shirt? If you do, you’re not alone.
  • Make your mental health a priority
    Many of us already ignore symptoms of physical ailments. We may also ignore signs of depression and other mental illnesses for a variety of reasons.
  • Dark days have you down? Light therapy could help
    For those who suffer from seasonal depression, autumn and the eventual onset of winter mark the beginning of a struggle because the progressive loss of daylight brings on a low mood and changes in sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Have health, will travel
    Nearly 100 million people will travel this holiday season to visit friends and family. Getting out of town or having house guests can be a well-deserved break from your regular routine. But those breaks in routine also present risks for sharing illness.
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