Lorenzo Pratt, a 25-year-old member of the Deuce 8 street gang, was arrested on June 10 in Portland, Ore., for an outstanding warrant for an April 19 road-rage incident that occurred in Leschi five days before he allegedly shot and killed Deszaun Smallwood, 20.

He was booked into King County Jail on June 13 and is being held in lieu of a combined $2.5 million bail for both crimes, according to The Seattle Times. 

Charging papers say Pratt had fought another man at Flo Ware Park (330 28th Ave. S.) on April 24, which Smallwood witnessed. Two hours later, after Pratt had picked up his mother from work, he returned to the area to purchase marijuana and then drove to the 500 block of 28th Avenue South, where Smallwood and about 15 others were gathered in front of a home.

Pratt and Smallwood fought, and during the altercation, Smallwood showed that he had no weapon, the charging papers continued. Pratt, apparently losing the fistfight, went to a parked car, where he was handed a gun. He then fired six shots, hitting Smallwood several times and killing him.

Smallwood was one of three men who were killed within a week of each other in the same area. Kevin Brown, 24, was shot in the chest on April 19 in the 2200 block of East Union Street. Ronnie Brown (no relation), 36, was killed on April 25, two blocks south of where Smallwood was shot.

No suspects have been arrested in their murders.