Madison Valley

Illustrations of the new design for the Triangle Project for East Madison Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way East are available on, the website for the Madison Valley Community Council.

We have $100,000 to start construction, and bids are being solicited. The funds are matching, and we need to get cash or volunteer hours.

The tree on the south side of the “Luc crossing” will be removed, the sidewalk repaired and accessible ramps installed. Additionally, the sidewalk will be widened. This work is scheduled for late 2014.

A new crosswalk is being installed at 26th Avenue East and Boyer Avenue East. Neighbors, concerned about safety, have been campaigning for this improvement. The curb ramps will be accessible, and it will become a four-way stop.

We would like enforcement of existing rules for the display of the A-boards. See for the regulations.

Harborpoint Coffeehouse will have a parklet constructed in front of the shop. This effort is to create a little gathering point for our neighborhood. These are temporary installations, privately funded and maintained; usually, they are in place for a year or so. See for design illustrations.

At the September meeting, we would like to decide the format of future meetings. We need to elect future officers.

The next Sip and Dine is tentatively scheduled for early September. It will be held as a cocktail party, with small bites in the Sky Lounge of Aegis Living.

Burlap and wood chips for the greenbelt have been delivered for the season. Two hundred new plants have been ordered for the fall. Seattle Parks and Recreation has assisted in cleaning up the sidewalk and will repair the buckling in one area north of the clearing. Check for volunteer opportunities.

The Bastille Bash festival — taking place July 12, from 3 to 8 p.m. — was started as promotional effort for the business community. After the economic downturn and the prolonged stormwater project, merchants felt that folks just drove through.

It has been wildly successful; we expect more than 3,000 attendees this year.

To volunteer, sign up at